Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Signed Up for the 48 Hour Film Festival Again

48 Hour Filmmaker: Houston 2011

Shabango Productions is once again entering the 48 Hour film festival as, The 4thCollective. This will be the 3rd year in a row that we take part in the competition. Long story short, the 48HFP is a competition wherein about 60 teams get an assigned character, prop, and line of dialogue. each team randomly picks a genre of film they must make, and all teams are assigned the same character, prop, and line of dialogue at the kickoff event on the Firday night of the competition. Everyone then gets 48 hours to make their film, and turn it in completed by Sunday night.

In 2009, we entered 'Subterfuge', which won Best Writing, Best Soundtrack, Audience Award, and Best Overall film of the 2009 competition:

In 2010, we entered 'El Hobonito', which won Audience Award again, and was written by 12 year olds ... literally ... they wrote it, we just filmed it ...

This year, we're going minimalist, and will again be aiming for a different take on things once again. Last year, we had 12 year olds write it, this year ... who knows.

Good luck to everyone participating.

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