Thursday, July 21, 2011

About to Head to the 48HFP Awards Screenings

So, we're getting ready to head over to the awards screenings for the Houston 48 HFP.
The festival scheduled two screenings this evening. We're in screening group B, which is supposed to be followed by an awards ceremony.

Here's the screening group - hope we do well!

9:30pm » Screening of Group B Films

Borderline by team jungle cats
Briefcase, The by Complete S.O.B
Cold War by Moonlite Filmwerks
Creating a Monster by Irony Coast Productions
Drugrats by 5aucey Cinema
Family Settings by Raven Films
Kidfellas by Cat Savers
Neverclear by Hot Pixel Action!
Phil' by InTownDigital
Plushicity by 4thCollective
Super Family, The by Xyro Productions
Trespassers by Gobo Gang

~11:00pm » Awards Presentation

Thursday, July 7, 2011

'Airmail' - Virgin Media Shorts

We can't lay claim to this one, but its a great little short starring a very good family friend of ours from the UK. If you like it, be sure to vote for it at the Virgin Media Shorts Website!

Good Mime, Bad Mime

Here's a quick sketch called 'Good Mime, Bad Mime', by one of the 4thCollective's own, Casey Redmon. Victoria Campos, the voice of Bichon Frizzie in 'Plushicity' plays 'Good Mime' ...


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Houston 48 Hour Film Project Awards Screenings

The Awards Ceremony for the Houston 48 Hour Film Project 2011 was recently announced. You can find details and links on the FB Page HERE. 

There will be 2 screenings, and I have no idea which one we'll screen in. We know that we will screen as a winner of the Audience Favorite for Group A.

I think it will be the first year for it at Studio Movie Grill, which is cool. I really like SMG's setup, although the food is just 'meh.'

Anyhoo, I'll keep you all informed, and let you know as soon as we have more details.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NYTVF Submissions

So, at the urging of our good friend Larry, we went ahead and made a couple of submissions to the NYTVF. We sent in 'Lawn Wars' and 'Plushicity'.

The NYTVF looks like its a pretty cool concept. Last year, they selected 42 pilots, and the winners get matched up with different network development awards.

'Plushicity' was not filmed as a pilot, but after finishing the 48 hour, we realized that we had a ton of additional footage that was funny, and that we'd like to make a cut that was mostly just the children's show.

You can read more about the NYTVF here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

CRANEium by Stavi Productions

As I've said before, Andrew Stavis and his family have been great friends of ours for many years, and Andrew has been a part of the 4thCollective for the last two years.

This year, leading a merry band of soon to be high school freshmen, Andrew completed his film on time for the competition, his first time. I'm really proud of him for doing so.

And now that a bit of time has passed, he has finished his director's cut ... so here it is, the Director's cut of 'CRANEium', by Stavi Productions:

(sniff) They grow up so fast (sniff, sniff) ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'Plushicity' Won an Award

Just found out that 'Plushicity' has won the audience award for Group A.  We tied with 'Family Settings' by Raven Films this year.

But this marks the 3rd year in a row that 4thCollective has won the Audience Award, which is our favorite award to win.

I don't know whether to be ecstatic, or sorry for all of your souls for voting for us.

But thanks everybody!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Plushicity - 4thCollective - Houston 48 Hour Film Project 2011

Here is 'Plushicity'.
This is our entry into the Houston 48 Hour Film Project.
Hope you enjoy it ... and we're really sorry.

Also, don't let your kids watch this ...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Things Coming!

We've got a couple of things coming up for the end of this week, and beginning of next.

First off, we'll be posting 'Plushicity' from the Houston 48 hour Film Festival here for your perusal as soon as we can, which is Friday. Check back Friday for the internet premier.

Secondly, we'll be posting a second project that we've just finished called 'Lawn Wars'.  This one was directed by Chris Spisak, who is known around town as Speez. He finished a highly acclaimed local short last summer called 'The Usual', and was also the Co-Director on 2009's 'Subterfuge'. In short, he is like a demigod of directing. 'Lawn Wars' looks pretty awesome.

So come back late this week, and early next to check out these two shorts.

Back for Night 2 - Premier of CRANEium

So, we went back for more last night at the 48HFP Tuesday Night Screenings. Group A (our group) showed again at 930pm. But what we really went for was to support Andrew Stavis' executive producing, directing, filming, etc, etc, debut., in his group B film CRANEium.

Group B featured the following films:
"All In A Day's Work" by Cone Man Running (Silent Film)

"Cold War" by Moonlite Filmwerks (Thriller/Suspense)

"CRANE-ium" by Stavi Productions (Adventure Serial)

"Drugrats" by 5aucey Cinema (Detective/Cop)

"Edgar" by The Reformers (Dark Comedy)

"From Bad to Worse" by The Hooollldup Crew (Fantasy)

"Le Film de Nikita" by Heathen Pictures (Film de Femme)

"Miss Read" by Fun Size Films (Comedy)

"Problem Solved" by Big Tree Group (Thriller/Suspense)

"Salsa Robot" by Bad Wolf Productions (Anniversary/Birthday)

"Super D and Mr. Duck" by Seal Team Ocho (Superhero)

"Swing" by Morning Wood Productions (Horror)

"The Super Family" by Xyro Productions (Family Film)

"The Wrong Stuff" by Earth Sandwich (Period Piece)

"Touched: A Dance Troupe's Journey" by The Artist Factory (Mockumentary)

Here's a shot of Andrew and I looking very serious as the films were about to premier: 
Get your game face on.
CRANEium screened about 2/3rds of the way through the showings, and it had some really, really funny parts to it. The stunt coordination of his actor, Mackenzie, and the blow up doll stunt double was seamless and executed to perfection. The fight scenes were also mesmerizing. His post show Q&A session was really funny and endearing. 

I've said it before, but I'll clarify again ... Andrew has been a part of the 4thCollective since 2009. He was in the 2009 winning film 'Subterfuge', and was part of the story writing team for last year's entry, 'El Hobonito'. In fact, the whole story for Hobonito was thought up by Andrew and his friends.  We just executed on the production, but it was his film last year as well. 

2011 was Andrew's first year to do the 48 HFP completely on his own. He and his friends are a mix of 13-14 year olds competing under the flag of Stavi Productions (He has his own clothing line as well ... see above hoody). With the exception of procuring the blow up doll somewhere in Montrose, they were responsible for everything else with the film. And to top it all off, he got it all finished and submitted on time. Only 44 of the 58 teams entered can say that. 

To say I'm proud of Andrew is an understatement. His film genuinely made us laugh, and had some great moments in it. I am really looking forward to watching Andrew grow in his filmmaking, writing, editing, and producing capacities, and I hope to be able to help him out as long as he needs us around. I just can't say enough good things about this guy, as well as his sister Chelsea. I would have loved to have her back on our team for this year (She was the female lead in 'Subterfuge'), but she chose to serve as an integral part in Andrew's production team instead. 

Congrats on finishing on time, your first time Andrew, and for making the audience laugh. You're a good kid. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Plushicity by the 4thCollective Debuted Last Night

The 48 Hour Film Festival premier screenings kicked off last night. Both screenings (Group A at 7pm, and Group D at 930pm) were sold out, standing room early. I managed to sneak a couple of bar stools into the back of the 930 screening so we were comfy!

We were really, really pleased with the audience reaction to 'Plushicity'. For those of you that don't know us well, we like to make stuff that makes us laugh. As offensive as 'Plushicity' is, the content, characters, and overall experience made us laugh.

It never ceases to amaze me how humbling of an experience it is for people to compliment us. It felt like an outpouring of laughs, smiles, and handshakes as lots and lots of folks told us they loved 'Plushicity'.Thank you guys for laughing at it.

Here's a few pics from last night ...

SMG Sign - Courtesy of Hector Luna -

Laura Schlect Introducing Film Group A to a packed house! - Courtesy of Hector Luna -

Group A Films - Plushicity Screened last! - Courtesy of Hector Luna -
Filmmaker Q&A After the Screening - Jim & Aydes did the honor of answering questions for us. Courtesy of Hector Luna -
Mike Darling & Jason Clemmons (of SBJ Films) after the screening. Jason was a writer and editor on our film this year! Mike worked on 'Kidfellas'.  Courtesy of Hector Luna -
L to R. Labby, Aydes, Nick, Eric, and a nice gentleman who complemented us after the show posing with us for Hector ... I'm sorry, but I did not catch his name; facebook says its Mr. Joel Irwin.  Courtesy of Hector Luna -
Once again, the lovely WAGS - Couldn't do it without y'all!  And Kat was a star in our movie as well! Courtesy of Hector Luna -
Kat & Jason after the premier. Courtesy of Hector Luna -
Kristin & I with Aydes. Courtesy of Hector Luna -
Me, Aydes, Laura, and Laura's 2011 intern Bianca after the premier.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Its All Finished

So we turned in the movie on time. We got a lot done on it. First off, I need to say that Jason Clemons is a f'kn machine, and if you ever get a chance to work on one of his shoots, you should definitely do so. Jason came to us by way of SBJ Films this year, or more commonly known as 'Sweet Baby Jesus'.  We were happy to have him on our team.

So here's a few shots from the wrap up / dropoff party at Sherlocks last night. 

Adam Backman at Dropoff: Thats me in the teal shirt, rather, thats a picture of my butt, with a teal shirt above it. Thats also Michael Darling with the glasses and his back turned. Michael is part of SBJ Films also. He's talking to Nick Mann, who oddly enough we've known for many years from our Main street Improv Days, and who also had his own team in the 48 HFP this year. 

Andrew Stavis at the Dropoff. Andrew is our protege, who has been on our team the last two years. It was him and his friends who wrote 'El Hobonito' last year, and he and his friend Alec were our 'challenged' kids in Subterfuge. We're really proud of Andrew. In his first year on his own for the 48, he got his film completed and submitted on time. 

The Lovely WAGS - Thanks for everything y'all did and put up with this past weekend. L to R, Kat Castro (Jason Clemons fiance), and Kristin Urbano (my wife). 

The 4thCollective Team for the 48HFP 2011 - Left to right: Me, Eric Hesson, Johnny O, Adam Backman, Jason Clemons, Jon Labby. Not pictured is Casey Redmon, Victoria Campos, my wife Kristin, & Jason's fiance Kat.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Final Cut 1

So, its about to be finished. The plan is to have the first final done by 5pm, no later. Of course, thats the plan, and nothing ever goes to plan.

But, we've had a great weekend. We've laughed a lot. We finished with our filming on time, and have had an incredible crew supporting. Clemons is a machine.

More pics to come.

Rough Cut

325 am, and we are about to watch watch the first rough cut.
When did it get to be 325??

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mmmmm .... Mexican ...

Just finished a delicious dinner of fajitas from Lupe Tortillas ... F'kn awesome ...
And, as we were talking about old stuff, here's a classic Shabango/4thCollective flick from last year's Splatterfest ... which is like the 48 Hour, but horror geared ... enjoy!

The Shabango Productions - 4thCollective Link Explained ...

So, while I've got a minute here ... for anyone that has any questions on what the 4thCollective is, and its relation to Shabango Productions ...

Back in like, 2000-2001, a little independent comedy club called Main Street Improv opened. The troupe dabbled in short film, while focusing largely on live shows as a short form improv comedy troupe.

Fast forward 7 years, and the club had to unfortunately close, but the group largely carried on, continuing in short film projects. Most of us had worked in and around other 48 hour teams for several years prior to entering in a team as 'The 4thCollective' in 2009. Since that time, the 4thCollective has taken on the life of the comedy troupe, with a bunch of different folks taking part in different projects.

Shabango Productions, formed in 2010, became the 'business' part of the 4thCollective, in so much as we were hired for certain advertising, media, and marketing opportunities here and there. So thats it in a nutshell ... 4thCollective is the comedy troupe, while Shabango Productions takes care of the boring business.

So, we hope you'll enjoy this year's 4thCollective entry into the 48 Hour Film Fest.

Wrapped Filming

So, we've wrapped. Now to do master music tracks, edit, and most importantly ... eat dinner.

Today Thus Far ...

Yes ... those are children, and Yes, this is really happening ...

Last Night

Couple of shots from last night's writing and prep.
We wrote an original song, and are working on a second later tonight.

Also spent some time cutting out construction paper for our set. Set turned out really great!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tonight's the Night

The 48 Hour Film Fest Kicks Off tonight. Happy to wish some good luck out to our friends Stavi Productions, as well as Nick Mann. We've also got a new friend along with us for the ride this year, Mr. Jason Clemons. We're happy to welcome him to the team. You may know him from SBJ films. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Signed Up for the 48 Hour Film Festival Again

48 Hour Filmmaker: Houston 2011

Shabango Productions is once again entering the 48 Hour film festival as, The 4thCollective. This will be the 3rd year in a row that we take part in the competition. Long story short, the 48HFP is a competition wherein about 60 teams get an assigned character, prop, and line of dialogue. each team randomly picks a genre of film they must make, and all teams are assigned the same character, prop, and line of dialogue at the kickoff event on the Firday night of the competition. Everyone then gets 48 hours to make their film, and turn it in completed by Sunday night.

In 2009, we entered 'Subterfuge', which won Best Writing, Best Soundtrack, Audience Award, and Best Overall film of the 2009 competition:

In 2010, we entered 'El Hobonito', which won Audience Award again, and was written by 12 year olds ... literally ... they wrote it, we just filmed it ...

This year, we're going minimalist, and will again be aiming for a different take on things once again. Last year, we had 12 year olds write it, this year ... who knows.

Good luck to everyone participating.

Updates, Updates ...

We've been working on a few things in the past few months. Namely shorts to compile together for a web series we're planning to debut later this year called 'The Shabango Show'. Some of them are really quite odd, and others we think are quite funny. We'll keep you updated, and hope you agree!

Here's a short little diddy about Adam and Nick shopping for fireworks ...