Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Turned In, and Totally Recovered

Sunday night, we headed over to JAX Grill on Shepherd in Houston for the 48 hour Film project completion. I had Izzy on my arm, so unfortunately no pics, but I'm hoping to get something from the rest of the team soon to post up here.

Weekend closing thoughts:
-Really wish we would have been able to get some more footage in the flick. There was really just so much funny stuff, but it did not push the story along, it was just funny for the sake of being funny.
-Maybe we will get a chance to do an extended cut for festival submissions if we think its funny enough. There is some pretty raunchy stuff in there, so who knows whether fests will pick it up or not.
-We simplified everything by having one location to shoot at.
-Unfortunately, that location was a crack house.
-Fortunately, everyone was such a freaking good sport about it, that we ended up with some great footage

Thanks everybody for all of your work and efforts. I'll check back in around screenings to see what audience reaction is like.

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