Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back for Night 2 - Premier of CRANEium

So, we went back for more last night at the 48HFP Tuesday Night Screenings. Group A (our group) showed again at 930pm. But what we really went for was to support Andrew Stavis' executive producing, directing, filming, etc, etc, debut., in his group B film CRANEium.

Group B featured the following films:
"All In A Day's Work" by Cone Man Running (Silent Film)

"Cold War" by Moonlite Filmwerks (Thriller/Suspense)

"CRANE-ium" by Stavi Productions (Adventure Serial)

"Drugrats" by 5aucey Cinema (Detective/Cop)

"Edgar" by The Reformers (Dark Comedy)

"From Bad to Worse" by The Hooollldup Crew (Fantasy)

"Le Film de Nikita" by Heathen Pictures (Film de Femme)

"Miss Read" by Fun Size Films (Comedy)

"Problem Solved" by Big Tree Group (Thriller/Suspense)

"Salsa Robot" by Bad Wolf Productions (Anniversary/Birthday)

"Super D and Mr. Duck" by Seal Team Ocho (Superhero)

"Swing" by Morning Wood Productions (Horror)

"The Super Family" by Xyro Productions (Family Film)

"The Wrong Stuff" by Earth Sandwich (Period Piece)

"Touched: A Dance Troupe's Journey" by The Artist Factory (Mockumentary)

Here's a shot of Andrew and I looking very serious as the films were about to premier: 
Get your game face on.
CRANEium screened about 2/3rds of the way through the showings, and it had some really, really funny parts to it. The stunt coordination of his actor, Mackenzie, and the blow up doll stunt double was seamless and executed to perfection. The fight scenes were also mesmerizing. His post show Q&A session was really funny and endearing. 

I've said it before, but I'll clarify again ... Andrew has been a part of the 4thCollective since 2009. He was in the 2009 winning film 'Subterfuge', and was part of the story writing team for last year's entry, 'El Hobonito'. In fact, the whole story for Hobonito was thought up by Andrew and his friends.  We just executed on the production, but it was his film last year as well. 

2011 was Andrew's first year to do the 48 HFP completely on his own. He and his friends are a mix of 13-14 year olds competing under the flag of Stavi Productions (He has his own clothing line as well ... see above hoody). With the exception of procuring the blow up doll somewhere in Montrose, they were responsible for everything else with the film. And to top it all off, he got it all finished and submitted on time. Only 44 of the 58 teams entered can say that. 

To say I'm proud of Andrew is an understatement. His film genuinely made us laugh, and had some great moments in it. I am really looking forward to watching Andrew grow in his filmmaking, writing, editing, and producing capacities, and I hope to be able to help him out as long as he needs us around. I just can't say enough good things about this guy, as well as his sister Chelsea. I would have loved to have her back on our team for this year (She was the female lead in 'Subterfuge'), but she chose to serve as an integral part in Andrew's production team instead. 

Congrats on finishing on time, your first time Andrew, and for making the audience laugh. You're a good kid. 

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