Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Things Coming!

We've got a couple of things coming up for the end of this week, and beginning of next.

First off, we'll be posting 'Plushicity' from the Houston 48 hour Film Festival here for your perusal as soon as we can, which is Friday. Check back Friday for the internet premier.

Secondly, we'll be posting a second project that we've just finished called 'Lawn Wars'.  This one was directed by Chris Spisak, who is known around town as Speez. He finished a highly acclaimed local short last summer called 'The Usual', and was also the Co-Director on 2009's 'Subterfuge'. In short, he is like a demigod of directing. 'Lawn Wars' looks pretty awesome.

So come back late this week, and early next to check out these two shorts.

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