Monday, June 6, 2011

Its All Finished

So we turned in the movie on time. We got a lot done on it. First off, I need to say that Jason Clemons is a f'kn machine, and if you ever get a chance to work on one of his shoots, you should definitely do so. Jason came to us by way of SBJ Films this year, or more commonly known as 'Sweet Baby Jesus'.  We were happy to have him on our team.

So here's a few shots from the wrap up / dropoff party at Sherlocks last night. 

Adam Backman at Dropoff: Thats me in the teal shirt, rather, thats a picture of my butt, with a teal shirt above it. Thats also Michael Darling with the glasses and his back turned. Michael is part of SBJ Films also. He's talking to Nick Mann, who oddly enough we've known for many years from our Main street Improv Days, and who also had his own team in the 48 HFP this year. 

Andrew Stavis at the Dropoff. Andrew is our protege, who has been on our team the last two years. It was him and his friends who wrote 'El Hobonito' last year, and he and his friend Alec were our 'challenged' kids in Subterfuge. We're really proud of Andrew. In his first year on his own for the 48, he got his film completed and submitted on time. 

The Lovely WAGS - Thanks for everything y'all did and put up with this past weekend. L to R, Kat Castro (Jason Clemons fiance), and Kristin Urbano (my wife). 

The 4thCollective Team for the 48HFP 2011 - Left to right: Me, Eric Hesson, Johnny O, Adam Backman, Jason Clemons, Jon Labby. Not pictured is Casey Redmon, Victoria Campos, my wife Kristin, & Jason's fiance Kat.

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  1. I had a great time! Thanks for the opportunity!